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Detailed and illustrated reviews of new figures and diorama accessories kits. Priority is given to the Russian products.

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Cross of Iron (Eastern Front 1944)
This kit was released by Dragon 14 years ago and was reissued now.
German tank crew (1939-1943)
The recent Dragon kit in traditional (not Gen2) quality: six early war German tankers.
The surrender & German Luftwaffe military police
Two Jaguar sets of 2 figures each was reviewed: Soviet officer with German captive and two Luftwaffe feldgendarmes.
Soviet SPG crew
Five Soviet self-propelled artillerymen in winter uniform - brand new kit by MiniArt, designed for forthcoming SU-76M model.
German soldiers with fuel drums
One of the forthcoming MiniArt kits represents the group of four German soldiers loading fuel drums to the truck.
Soviet Naval Infantry
New manufacturer from St.Petersburg presents a set of three Soviet naval infantrymen figures.
French Musketeer, XVII Century
Probably the most popular figure from MiniArt's Musketeer series, inspired by A.Dumas novels.
German Storm Troops (1917-1918)
This kit provides four figures of german stormtroopers with full combat gear.
Park gates and fence
One of the firsts diorama accessories by MiniArt.
German Infantry Weapons Set
This kit contains not only main kind of German weapon, but some exotic ones too.
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