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Denis Ignatiev

Denis Ignatiev
Nickname: Danny79
From: Narva, Estonia
Works in gallery: 6, artcles in workshop: 9

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Works in Gallery

Articles in Workshop

German signal troops, Stalingrad, 1942
This kit depicts five german signal troopers laying wire under the fire.
Light infantry officer, France, 1810
One of figures by Crimean manufacturer, Soldiers of Fortune, depicting the French officer of Napoleonic era.
French Musketeer, XVII Century
Probably the most popular figure from MiniArt's Musketeer series, inspired by A.Dumas novels.
Park gates and fence
One of the firsts diorama accessories by MiniArt.
German Infantry Weapons Set
This kit contains not only main kind of German weapon, but some exotic ones too.
Building Accessories
Street lanterns, windows, doors, balconies and other elements of buildings.
Austrian City Building
Austrian city building can be used in various late war dioramas.
Netherlands Musketeer, XVII Century.
A figure from very interesting series of three musketeers of the different countries by MiniArt company.
German fuel drum set
Review of old, by very popular and useful Tamiya set of german "jerrycans" and barrels.