8th Pennsylvania Cavalry  Battle of Chancellorsville, May 2nd, 1863.
Review of new kit by Master Box from ther American Civil War Series, the very dynamic scene of cavalry charge.
Soviet firearms in 1/6 scale
Review of Soviet/Russian weapon (Nagant, TT, PM, VSS "Vintorez" rifle) produced in resin by "Sixth Scale" from Russia.
Private, 327th glider regt., 101st Airborne
One of high-quality resin figures by MiniSoldiers from Moscow, U.S. WWII paratrooper, was reviewed and painted by author.
Military diver of FSB
Well illustrated review of modern Russian special forces diver figure by ANT Miniatures. Photos of real diving equipment can help to paint or modify this interesting miniature.
G36 assault rifles in 1/35 scale
Comparition review of two G36s in scale: plastic by Trumpeter and resin by Tank Models.
German SS Grenadiers, WWII
1:35 resin kit by Evolution Miniatures was resized to fit 1:48 scale. Smaller size with same quality, as you can see by provided photos!
American sniper with M14
One of resin figure from "NATO in Miniatures" series, modern U.S. Army sniper with M14 sniper rifle.
Machine gunner and RTO
Two modern Russian army troopers - resin figures by MasterClub.