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Making modern AFV antislip surface
Small article explains easy and cheap way to make antislip surface with the example of Abrams tank model.
The Mother
Detailed article about building of diorama of the same name published at our site 3 years ago.
Stalingrad – Berlin: how it was made
Detailed article about building of this spectacular and impressive diorama, full of author's know-how on diorama making techniques. It's worth reading!
Recent large scale plastic figure by MiniArt was heavily modified by author with use of knive and putty. Must see!
Making a medieval castle section
Step-by-step article about making of castle section with use of foam styrene.
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry  Battle of Chancellorsville, May 2nd, 1863.
Review of new kit by Master Box from ther American Civil War Series, the very dynamic scene of cavalry charge.