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Vladimir Demchenko

Vladimir Demchenko
From: Rostov-on-Don, Russia (Russian Federation)
Works in gallery: 23, artcles in workshop: 24

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Works in Gallery

Articles in Workshop

The Last Line
Detailed article about building of vignette with ZiS-2 and crew at rest, that was built in 2006 for MiniArt.
Tobruk on the horizon...
Detailed photographic report about building of the North African vignette with Semovente and crew.
Soviet assault group, 1944-45
Review of brand new 1:35 figures made by Miniarm, well known manufacturer of AFV aftermarket kits.
Soviet infantry, WWII
Two resin figures of Red Army soldiers in winter uniform by Battalion Models.
Modern Russian BMP crew
AFV crew in action, released by Battalion Models in two resin kits.
June 1941
Soviet tank riders
New tank riders kit by MiniArt. At this time, this is early war Soviet infantry.
Soviet jeep crew
The long-expected Bantham is finally released, and Miniart makes us happy with crew kits for it.
German feldgendarmerie
Another one recent MiniArt kit consists of five figures, suitable for large diorama or several small scenes.
US Jeep crew & Military police
MiniArt starts to discover the Allies theme! First kit devoted to U.S. Army represents Jeep crew for forthcoming Bantham model, and two MPs.
German SPG crew
Set of five SPG crewman for recent MiniArt model of SU-76M can be easily adapted to various axis vehicles.
Sofiet infantry . Summer 1943-45
Russian infantry in march was the first kit of MiniArt. Now you can see the brand new kit of the same subject and feel the diffenence.
Soviet naval troops
This long-expected kit depicts four Soviet naval infantrymen marching.
Soviet SPG crew
Five Soviet self-propelled artillerymen in winter uniform - brand new kit by MiniArt, designed for forthcoming SU-76M model.
German soldiers with fuel drums
One of the forthcoming MiniArt kits represents the group of four German soldiers loading fuel drums to the truck.
Soviet Tank Crew. Winter 1943-45
Five tankmen in shep-skin coats. Can be easily converted in infantrymen, artillerymen etc.
German Tank Crew. Winter 1943-45
One of the most recent MiniArt kits provides five german tankmen in winter uniform.
Soviet Tank Crew at Work
Next MiniArt kit is devoted to very interesting theme - Soviet tank crew at work.
German Tank Crew at Work
Making two figures sets with identical scenario, designers of "Miniart" have managed to avoid self-plagiarism.
German tank repair crew
Next MiniArt kit also shows new generation of quality, such as other recent releases of this company.
Water in dioramas
Well illustrated description of the imitation of water with use of resin and mould made from aluminum foil.
Wounded Red Army Soldier
Resin figure of wounded RKKA soldier by Tankograd company.
NKVD Troops
Review of last kits made by Alanger. It`s own original design of this company.