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Detailed and illustrated reviews of new figures and diorama accessories kits. Priority is given to the Russian products.

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British Infantry (1917-1918)
Four figures of brutish "tommies" for late period of WW1.
Building Accessories
Street lanterns, windows, doors, balconies and other elements of buildings.
Soviet Tank Crew. Winter 1943-45
Five tankmen in shep-skin coats. Can be easily converted in infantrymen, artillerymen etc.
Austrian City Building
Austrian city building can be used in various late war dioramas.
German Tank Crew. Winter 1943-45
One of the most recent MiniArt kits provides five german tankmen in winter uniform.
Netherlands Musketeer, XVII Century.
A figure from very interesting series of three musketeers of the different countries by MiniArt company.
Soviet Tank Crew at Work
Next MiniArt kit is devoted to very interesting theme - Soviet tank crew at work.
German Tank Crew at Work
Making two figures sets with identical scenario, designers of "Miniart" have managed to avoid self-plagiarism.
German tank repair crew
Next MiniArt kit also shows new generation of quality, such as other recent releases of this company.
NKVD Troops
Review of last kits made by Alanger. It`s own original design of this company.
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