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Detailed and illustrated reviews of new figures and diorama accessories kits. Priority is given to the Russian products.

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German mountain troops
Recent Zvezda kit, made using 3D modelling technologies.
German signal troops, Stalingrad, 1942
This kit depicts five german signal troopers laying wire under the fire.
German SPG crew
Set of five SPG crewman for recent MiniArt model of SU-76M can be easily adapted to various axis vehicles.
Sofiet infantry . Summer 1943-45
Russian infantry in march was the first kit of MiniArt. Now you can see the brand new kit of the same subject and feel the diffenence.
Light infantry officer, France, 1810
One of figures by Crimean manufacturer, Soldiers of Fortune, depicting the French officer of Napoleonic era.
Hoplites by MiniArt
This review is devoted to all three hoplites of Greek serie by MiniArt.
Soviet naval troops
This long-expected kit depicts four Soviet naval infantrymen marching.
Casualties of war
Two kits by Jaguar, devoted to the same sad theme of killed in action soldiers.
German naval troops (Dieppe 1942)
Another old kit by Dragon, first released in 1998 and recently reissued.
Panzergrenadier (Stalingrad #3), Dead SS Grenadier
Two resin figures by Warrior was reviewed: running German panzergrenadier and KIA SSmann.
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