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Detailed and illustrated reviews of new figures and diorama accessories kits. Priority is given to the Russian products.

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Boris Safonov
Plastic figure of famous Soviet ace pilot Boris Safonov in 1:16 scale by Eduard company.
Russian Special Forces, vol.1
The kit of Zvezda consists from four figures of modern Russian spetsnaz soldiers.
Red Army Politruk
New Russian company "Tankograd" presents resin figure of Soviet Politruk (communist leader).
Soviet tankers and infantrymen
Large review of some resin kits of TANK company: Soviet tankers, motor rifle troops and also separate heads.
NKVD Troops
Review of last kits made by Alanger. It`s own original design of this company.
German Self-Propelled Gun Crew
After short break MiniArt continues series of 1:35 scale figures with perfectly new quality.
German Panzergrenadiers
Zvezda try to say new word in hackneyed theme of WW2 German soldiers...
German fuel drum set
Review of old, by very popular and useful Tamiya set of german "jerrycans" and barrels.
German sturmpioniere w/assault raft
Review of enough old but nevertheless very interesting Dragon kit.
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