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Boris Kharlamov

Boris Kharlamov
From: Rostov-on-Don, Russia (Russian Federation)
Works in gallery: 9, artcles in workshop: 6

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Works in Gallery

Articles in Workshop

German Storm Troops (1917-1918)
This kit provides four figures of german stormtroopers with full combat gear.
British Infantry (1917-1918)
Four figures of brutish "tommies" for late period of WW1.
German Panzergrenadiers
Zvezda try to say new word in hackneyed theme of WW2 German soldiers...
German Self-Propelled Gun Crew
After short break MiniArt continues series of 1:35 scale figures with perfectly new quality.
Soviet Tankers 1943-1945
ICM company made figures of Soviet tankers (in 1943 pattern uniform) at rest.
Soviet Infantry at Rest
The kit of MiniArt company represents four figures of RKKA soldiers in static poses.