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Detailed and illustrated reviews of new figures and diorama accessories kits. Priority is given to the Russian products.

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Soviet infantry, WWII
Two resin figures of Red Army soldiers in winter uniform by Battalion Models.
Feldwebel, Georgian grenadiers regiment, 1850
"Out of the box" review of the first figure by new resin kits manufacturer, Castellum from Russia.
Modern Russian BMP crew
AFV crew in action, released by Battalion Models in two resin kits.
US Infantry Officer and RTO. Vietnam ’68
Review of recent resin kit from the great Vietnam serie by Bravo6.
Soviet tank riders
New tank riders kit by MiniArt. At this time, this is early war Soviet infantry.
Soviet jeep crew
The long-expected Bantham is finally released, and Miniart makes us happy with crew kits for it.
Half-timbered house with straw roof
Medieval half-timbered house - small scale plastic kit by Zvezda.
German feldgendarmerie
Another one recent MiniArt kit consists of five figures, suitable for large diorama or several small scenes.
US Jeep crew & Military police
MiniArt starts to discover the Allies theme! First kit devoted to U.S. Army represents Jeep crew for forthcoming Bantham model, and two MPs.
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