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Maxim Malinovsky

Maxim Malinovsky
From: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (Russian Federation)
Works in gallery: 17, artcles in workshop: 6

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Works in Gallery

Articles in Workshop

Casualties of war
Two kits by Jaguar, devoted to the same sad theme of killed in action soldiers.
German naval troops (Dieppe 1942)
Another old kit by Dragon, first released in 1998 and recently reissued.
Panzergrenadier (Stalingrad #3), Dead SS Grenadier
Two resin figures by Warrior was reviewed: running German panzergrenadier and KIA SSmann.
Cross of Iron (Eastern Front 1944)
This kit was released by Dragon 14 years ago and was reissued now.
German tank crew (1939-1943)
The recent Dragon kit in traditional (not Gen2) quality: six early war German tankers.
The surrender & German Luftwaffe military police
Two Jaguar sets of 2 figures each was reviewed: Soviet officer with German captive and two Luftwaffe feldgendarmes.