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Jury is a team of volunteers trying to make honest and interesting contest for you. Members of Jury performs referee's and organizational functions during the contest. Members of Jury awards main prizes, but in viewers vote, they votes as the common users without any priveleges. Members of Jury can bring their own works to the contest only in "Hors concours" nomination.

Vladimir I. Semchenko - head of a scientific and exhibitional department of Central Armed Forces Museum (Moscow), Honoured Culture Worker of Russian Federation, reserve Colonel. Modeller, collector and historian of Russian army with a over 30 years of experience.

Michail A. Presnukhin - sculptor, painter, Napoleonic era reenactor, author of articles about Napoleonic wars.

Sergey G. Ulanovich - painter, modeller, Napoleonic wars reenactor with a 20 years of experience.

Fyodor Dragonenko - historian, founder of portal. Reenactor with a over 10 years of experience. Enthusiastic of Napoleonic era history and military miniature from childhood.

Vladimir Demchenko - painter, modeller, sculptor, author of books and articles about figure painting and diorama modelling.

Boris Kharlamov - administrator of Modeller, painter.

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