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Dear fellow modellers! We are glad to present our 4th theme contest, «The Day of Borodino».

Contest is dedicated to the wars of Napoleonic era - from Italian campain (1796) to Waterloo (1815). So long as our contest is dated to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, we gladly welcome any works dedicated to Russian army and the Patriotic war of 1812, best of them will be awarded with a Special Prize..

Contest accepts new (not published earlier on works and works published later then 07 September 2011. Only such works may take part in main competition. Works published on earlier then 7 September 2011 can be display in the category "Hors Concours". This applies to only works previously published on this site. Works published on other sites may take part in this competition.

Works are accepted for this contest as entries between 7 September 2012 to 7 December 2012 inclusive. For publication of work it's necessary to send photos and short description of work to the Gallery according to our rules descripted in F.A.Q. section. E-mail must contain phrase "to the Day of Borodino contest" or other understandable note in title (subject).

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