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Prizes in all nominations are provided by wholesale firm "World of Models" (Perm), official distributor of Bronco in Russia.

Dioramas and Vignettes

Dioramas and vignettes (mini-dioramas) in any scales. 3 prizes and 1 viewers prize..

Nomination can be separated to "Dioramas" and "Vignettes" in the presence of enough works of both kinds.


Single display figures and busts in any scales. 3 main prizes, 1 viewers prize..

"Sculpture", "Large Scales" etc. can be introduced as separate nominations in the presence of enough works of this kind.


Dioramas, vignettes, figures, busts in any scales built by beginners. 3 main prizes, 1 viewers prize..

Hors Concours

Works in any scales that cannot participate in contest for some reason (e.g.: works submitted on before 1 December 2010; works that participate in DiShow2010 contest; works built by authors reached the limit of 3 works in some nomination; works built by members of Jury). Works in "Hors Concours" nomination cannot be awarded by main or viewers prizes, but can be awarded by diplomas.

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